Cyprus Property Trust

A Trust is a legal agreement that enables a person, known as the settlor, to transfer the ownership of assets to another party, the trustee, for the benefit of a chosen person or group of people, known as the beneficiaries.

The main benefits of using trusts include:

• Wealth protection and planning
• Tax planning
• Avoidance of UK Inheritance tax (specific conditions must be met)
• Avoidance of probate
• Avoidance of forced heirship
• Protecting assets for future generations
• Control of assets

EWMT offer a professional Cyprus Property Trust. The purpose of this Trust is to avoid the need to include immovable property in the process of probate in the event of death.

A Cyprus Property Trust from EWMT guarantees security for the family and avoids the cost and delays often associates with Cyprus probate.

“Inheritance tax is broadly speaking a voluntary levy paid by those who distrust the heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue” Roy Jenkine 1986

Ask EWMT how trust planning can help to protect your wealth without needing to trust your heirs.

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